Astra Education Festival 2023: The Future of Sustainable Education in Diversity and Equality

29 May 2023

JAKARTA: To celebrate National Education Day in May, Astra organized the 2023 Astra Education Festival today (5/28) at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta, with the theme “The Future of Sustainable Education in Diversity and Equality”. This event is one of Astra’s initiatives to support education in Indonesia. The Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Province Heru Budi Hartono, the Director-General of Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud) Dr. Ir. Kiki Yuliati M.Sc., Astra Chief of Corporate Affairs Riza Deliansyah and Astra Group Executives attended the event.

Education is a key factor in achieving social equity, as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Astra is committed to improving the quality of education in Indonesia through its Astra for Smart Indonesia pillar, which will have positive impacts on the development of the country’s human resources.

“Astra for Smart Indonesia demonstrates that the industrial sector and the education sector are interconnected. Education is essential for creating competent and professional workers. We appreciate Astra’s consistency and commitment to education, especially in DKI Jakarta province,” said Acting Governor Heru Budi Hartono.

“Education is the foundation of humanity and civilization. Building education to meet national interests requires the participation of all stakeholders. We appreciate Astra’s collaborations with Kemendikbud to promote education. Astra’s mission, To Prosper with the Nation, aligns with the Merdeka Belajar curriculum,” said Director-General Kiki.

With the spirit “To Be An Asset to the Nation”, which is the first philosophy of Catur Dharma Astra, Astra is committed to supporting Indonesia’s development through sustainable social contribution programs that focus on four pillars: health, education, entrepreneurship and environment.

“Astra has carried out various programs under the Education pillar that cover Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Basic and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Special Needs Education and Road Traffic Safety Education across all provinces in Indonesia. This shows Astra’s commitment to achieving SDG 4 “Quality Education”,” said Astra Chief of Corporate Affairs Riza Deliansyah.

The 2023 Astra Education Festival featured several activities, such as the 10th Teacher Innovation Competition (Linkar), Vocational High School Teacher Training, Astra PAUD Training and the 2023 Children’s Gymnastics Competition for Educators.

The 2023 Astra Education Festival also hosted Education Talk with speakers Education Influencer Hendi Pratama and Tri Adinata, the Chairperson of Astra-Michael D. Ruslim Education Foundation (YPA-MDR) Herawati Prasetyo and the Recipient of the 2022 SATU Indonesia Awards in the Education category Bhrisco Jordy. The festival concluded with the awarding ceremony of the 10th Teacher Innovation Competition (Linkar) and the launching of the 2023 Astra Green Energy Student Innovation (AGEnSI).

This annual festival was attended by around 1,000 participants, including education activists, environmental activists, students from various high schools/vocational high schools in Jakarta, and educators from schools supported by Astra and Astra Group. The event also included exhibitions by thirteen Astra Group companies and foundations and ten vocational high schools from Java Island.

Astra’s commitment to improving education in Indonesia aligns with Astra’s mission to prosper with the nation while supporting Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information, please contact:
Boy Kelana Soebroto
Head of Corporate Communications
PT Astra International Tbk
Ph. 021-508-43-888

About Astra:

PT Astra International Tbk was established in 1957 in Jakarta as a general trading company under the name Astra International Inc. In 1990, for the purpose of the company’s initial public offering (IPO), the name of the company changed to PT Astra International Tbk, followed by listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the ticker code ASII.

Astra has developed its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business divisions: 1) Automotive, 2) Financial Services, 3) Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction & Energy, 4) Agribusiness, 5) Infrastructure and Logistics, 6) Information Technology and 7) Property.

Astra Group conducts business operations in all parts of Indonesia under the management of more than 240 companies, including subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, and was supported by more than 188,000 employees, as of December 2021.

As one of the largest national business groups in Indonesia today, Astra has built a strong reputation through offering a range of quality products and services, taking into account the implementation of good corporate and environmental governance. Astra always aspires to be the pride of the nation that participates in efforts to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Astra’s business activities strive to apply a balanced mix in the commercial aspects of business and non-business contributions through 9 foundations and a variety of sustainable social responsibility programmes, namely Astra Untuk Indonesia Sehat, Astra Untuk Indonesia Cerdas, Astra Untuk Indonesia Hijau and Astra Untuk Indonesia Kreatif.

Astra initiated the Semangat Astra Terpadu Untuk (SATU) Indonesia Awards programme, which has entered its eleventh year, and has given recognition awards to 493 young Indonesians, consisting of 81 national level recipients and 412 provincial level recipients in the fields of Health, Education, the Environment, Entrepreneurship and Technology, which are integrated with Astra’s wide range of community activities through 133 Kampung Berseri Astra and 930 Desa Sejahtera Astra initiatives in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.

For further information, please visit &, and follow Astra through Instagram (@satu_Indonesia), Youtube (SATU Indonesia), Facebook (Semangat Astra Terpadu) and Twitter (@satu_Indonesia).


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