Yayasan Pendidikan Astra – Michael D. Ruslim (YPA – MDR)

Yayasan Pendidikan Astra – Michael D. Ruslim (YPA – MDR)
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Yayasan Pendidikan Astra – Michael D. Ruslim (YPA-MDR) was originally established in 2009 under the name Yayasan Astra Bina Pendidikan and then changed its name to Yayasan Pendidikan Astra – Michael D. Ruslim in 2010 in honor of the former President Director of Astra, Michael D. Ruslim.

YPA-MDR has the vision to help primary and secondary schools in underprivileged areas in the form of human resource development, curriculum development, and professional school management. The goal is that students are able to improve their quality, intellectual, and life skills and have a character based on the noble values ​​of the Indonesian nation.

Number of Beneficiaries:

106 fostered schools, 23,819 students, 1,509 teachers in 13 Regencies

Achievements in 2020:

  1. Added 8 fostered schools: 3 public schools in Tangerang Regency & 5 public schools in Majalengka Regency.
  2. Launching 1 “School Collaboration System” Web-based application consisted of 2000 Educational Implementation Plan (RPP)
  3. Producing 307 Educational Media Innovation Works through the Astra Teachers Work Creation Innovation Award and Teachers – Students Collaborative Creative Education Award
  4. Building 9 fostered schools in Kupang Regency & Rote Ndao Regency
  5. Fostered school achievements:
    • SMKN 1 Pandak, 3rd Rank in National Student Competence Competition
    • SMKN 1 Donorojo, 1st Rank in National Competition of Teacher Upskilling & Reskilling Education & Training
  6. YPA-MDR achievements:
    • Silver Winner in PR Indonesia Awards 2020
    • Appreciation of Astra Group’s Best Communication Program through Corporate Affairs Award 2020
    • Best Astra Communication Management System through Corporate Affairs Award 2020
  7. Development of 5 Arts Gallery (Sanggar Anak Seni Nusantara) in fostered areas: Leuwiliang District- Bogor Regency, Pandak District-Bantul Regency, Donorojo District-Pacitan Regency, Tanjungsari Distrit and Merbau Mataram District – South Lampung Regency.
  8. Development of Independent Young Entrepreneur Community (KEMUDI) as MSME start-up from SMKN 1 Pandak-Bantul Regency, SMKN 2 Donorojo-Pacitan Regency and SMKN 1 Leuwiliang-Bogor Regency.
  9. Development of Productive School Committee Association in foster area Pandak-Bantul Regency whose business helps schools.
  10. Lifeskill: Created 14 batik patterns and 1 of them received Copyright.