The 13th SATU Indonesia Awards 2022: Building Indonesia with Technology

27 July 2022

JAKARTA: Fishermen used to be associated with traditional equipment. Who would have thought that today’s fishermen can have the freedom to monitor their farms from anywhere via smartphones thanks to the sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT)-based technology invented by one of this country’s youth. It is a real example of technological advancements bringing convenience to everyday life.

Competence, innovation and human creativity are the keys to success in technological development. The emergence of the best talents who can provide solutions to the latest problems is highly anticipated, especially with the many changes that occur because of the pandemic.

Indonesia is lucky to have amazing young tech talents, such as Hendra (recipient of Semangat Astra Terpadu Untuk (SATU) Indonesia Awards 2021) and Alamanda Shantika (Founder and President Director of Binar Academy). Both of them successfully utilize technology to overcome changes in various aspects of life.

Hendra and Alamanda shared their knowledge and experiences in digital transformation in the Inspiranation with 13th SATU Indonesia Awards 2022 webinar themed “Building Indonesia with Technology” with host Nirina Zubir virtually yesterday afternoon (6/18). The webinar was also attended by Information Technology Expert and judge of the 13th SATU Indonesia Awards 2022, Onno W. Purbo, Ph.D.

“I used to focus on how to change human behavior so that people would continue using my application, but then I realized that technology developers also have responsibilities, and now we have finally implemented ethical technology in building our technology products. So, we have to start contemplating how fellow innovators should also think about the future of the next generation,” said Alamanda Shantika, who has had a strong interest in mathematics and coding from a young age.

Besides Alamanda, Hendra also shared his method of introducing the technology he invented to traditional lobster cultivators.

“We started by approaching the traditional fishermen and told them about new technology that is available, and then explained how it works and the problems it could help solve. That interaction created a relationship that mutually benefits them and us. From there, we were able to establish a close rapport, which made them very open to all kinds of technologies we brought to them,” said Hendra, son of a fisherman.

Furthermore, Onno W. Purbo also emphasized that the most important thing about technology is not how sophisticated it is but how big its impact and benefits to the public. The greater the impact, the higher the value of the technology for society in building this country.

Breaking Traditional Thinking with Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Technologies

The growing number of fishermen who lost their jobs from grouper cultivation in Situbondo, East Java, inspired Hendra (then a student at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Brawijaya University) to help them. At the same time, he also saw the potential for lobster cultivation in Indonesia which had not been fully exploited and had a number of obstacles.

Hendra hoped to solve both problems. In 2015, he began collecting data on fishermen who lost their jobs and the potential of lobster cultivation in Situbondo. He also measured the water and temperature conditions in the area. After two years of research, he finally finished developing an Internet of Things (IoT)-based sensor box for the keramba (cages) to control water quality. The box is then connected to the Lobstech application so that fishermen can monitor the condition of the water in keramba from their mobile phones.

Initially, Hendra had difficulty marketing Lobstech to traditional fishermen who believed lobster cultivation was impossible, but his persistence in approaching fishermen with a profit-sharing scheme eventually paid off.

Hendra’s efforts have shown positive results over time. Lobstech technology is currently being used in many locations such as Situbondo, Pacitan, Jember and Lombok (West Nusa Tenggara). Hendra, who was selected as one of the winners for the 2021 SATU Indonesia Awards, now has 15 employees and expects to see 3,000 keramba installed with IoT technology in Situbondo.

Continuing the search for inspirational figures like Hendra, Astra organizes the 13th SATU Indonesia Awards 2022 to find Indonesian young people who contribute to the community. Astra will present the awards to five young individuals and one group for their efforts in the five fields of Health, Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

There will be winners at the national and provincial levels. Each award recipient at the national level will receive an activity grant of Rp65 million and coaching support.

Judges for the 13th SATU Indonesia Awards 2022 are:
1. Prof. Nila Moeloek (Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia)
2. Prof. Emil Salim (Lecturer at the Environmental Science Postgraduate Program, University of Indonesia)
3. Prof. Fasli Jalal (Rector of YARSI University and Postgraduate Professor at Jakarta State University)
4. Ir. Tri Mumpuni (Founder of People-Centered Business and Economic Institute)
5. Onno W. Purbo Ph.D. (Information Technology Expert)
6. Arif Zulkifli (President Director of PT Tempo Inti Media Tbk)
7. Dian Sastrowardoyo (Artist)
8. Billy Boen (Founder of Young On Top)
9. Boy Kelana Soebroto (Astra Head of Corporate Communications)
10. Diah Suran Febrianti (Astra Head of Environment & Social Responsibility).

For more information and registration, visit Registration is open until August 9, 2022.

Hendra’s passion for fishermen’s empowerment through the application of IoT-based technology is in line with Astra’s mission to prosper with the nation and support Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For further information, please contact:
Boy Kelana Soebroto
Head of Corporate Communications
PT Astra International Tbk

About Astra:

PT Astra International Tbk was established in 1957 in Jakarta as a general trading company under the name Astra International Inc. In 1990, for the purpose of the company’s initial public offering (IPO), the name of the company changed to PT Astra International Tbk, followed by listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the ticker code ASII.

Astra has developed its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business divisions: 1) Automotive, 2) Financial Services, 3) Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction & Energy, 4) Agribusiness, 5) Infrastructure and Logistics, 6) Information Technology and 7) Property.

Astra Group conducts business operations in all parts of Indonesia under the management of more than 240 companies, including subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, and was supported by more than 188,000 employees, as of December 2021.

As one of the largest national business groups in Indonesia today, Astra has built a strong reputation through offering a range of quality products and services, taking into account the implementation of good corporate and environmental governance. Astra always aspires to be the pride of the nation that participates in efforts to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Astra’s business activities strive to apply a balanced mix in the commercial aspects of business and non-business contributions through 9 foundations and a variety of sustainable social responsibility programmes, namely Astra Untuk Indonesia Sehat, Astra Untuk Indonesia Cerdas, Astra Untuk Indonesia Hijau and Astra Untuk Indonesia Kreatif.

Astra initiated the Semangat Astra Terpadu Untuk (SATU) Indonesia Awards programme, which has entered its eleventh year, and has given recognition awards to 493 young Indonesians, consisting of 81 national level recipients and 412 provincial level recipients in the fields of Health, Education, the Environment, Entrepreneurship and Technology, which are integrated with Astra’s wide range of community activities through 133 Kampung Berseri Astra and 930 Desa Sejahtera Astra initiatives in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.

For further information, please visit &, and follow Astra through Instagram (@satu_Indonesia), Youtube (SATU Indonesia), Facebook (Semangat Astra Terpadu) and Twitter (@satu_Indonesia).


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