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    Novel – Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

    Chapter 342 event sock

    Yue Yang was presently arranging an evening meal when Hao Ren, Xie Yujia, and Zhen Congming emerged back to the residence .

    A Morbid Taste For Bones

    “Do we continue to have chips in the home, mother?” Hao Ren required Yue Yang after he place all the dinners within the cupboard .

    “Okay, I am aware . I’ll be out to get a little!” Hao Ren quickly happened to run into the steps .

    Zhao Yanzi immediately hopped off her bed when she read Hao Ren’s sound, but she wasn’t going to say a single thing awesome . “Can be found in, dummy!”

    A result of the selection growth with the Eastern Seashore Dragon Palace, ordinary cultivators couldn’t get into by any means . Even so, the members of the military who were guarding the entrance the would open it up every time they saw Hao Ren .

    “Woah!” she couldn’t assistance but shout she eye shone just like she was obviously a starving wolf .

    Little Whitened was chasing after a ball around the living room, and it rolled around underneath the furniture . It was sometimes here and in most cases not, so Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua were both accustomed to it . On condition that it didn’t p.o.o.p around in your house, it turned out high-quality .

    Zhao Yanzi immediately hopped off her sleep when she read Hao Ren’s speech, but she wasn’t intending to say nearly anything good . “Are available in, dummy!”

    No matter what, he was still a care free basic institution college student .

    She chosen on Hao Ren a lot just before, thinking he was wordy and bothersome, but those obtained all come to be good things about him right now .

    There are all sorts of snacks in the bag which include sunflower plant seeds, french fries, meat jerky, little walnuts, chocolates . . .

    Also, the desperate shrub from the lawn was developing better due to the fact Very little White presented up .

    She was emotional, but Hao Ren didn’t feel that considerably . He position the handbag behind him and acquired the textbook around the dining room table .

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    “Hehe, we took Congming to the seaside,” Hao Ren addressed using a grin .

    “It’s so delayed definitely . Exactly where have you been heading?” Yue Yang caught her brain away from the your kitchen, but he experienced actually dashed toward the doorway .

    Certainly, Grandma adored Zhen Congming very much . She laughed happily when she learned that Hao Ren had taken Zhen Congming out to have fun .

    Hao Ren laughed and walked inside he recognized she hadn’t slept however .

    The typical tests from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine were actually occurring shortly, and Hao Ren can have the self-assurance to be if he could level around Gen-level . Or else, how could he maintain the mood to find out design style with a great deal going on from the Eastern side Sea Dragon Palace?

    Hao Ren walked to the back of the property regarding his backpack . He crafted a red-colored strength sphere, positioned a whitened sword vitality under his legs, and flew toward the beach .

    She was grounded here each day, and also the people the dragon palace had been mailing her delicate food daily . It wasn’t negative, but somewhat female like her sure wanted snacks . She didn’t be aware that just before due to the fact she used to eat it every day . Considering that she hadn’t possessed any goodies for several days, she was craving it!

    A result of the selection formation with the East Water Dragon Palace, standard cultivators couldn’t type in by any means . Even so, the members of the military who had been protecting the gate the would open it up up every time they observed Hao Ren .

    Zhao Yanzi applyed the goodies out and piled them up for the section with the sleep . Then, she given the bare carrier to Hao Ren . Your second she searched back at Hao Ren, she have a lttle bit handled .

    “I helped bring you a little something you can eat,” Hao Ren walked over and sat along the side of the bed, just one meter from Zhao Yanzi . He place the carrier at the center and quickly launched it up .

    “It’s so later definitely . Just where do you find yourself proceeding?” Yue Yang jammed her mind from the kitchen, but he got currently dashed toward the door .

    Hao Ren got within the Eastern Seas Dragon Palace easily . He walked to Zhao Yanzi’s little palace in reference to his rucksack, and then he experienced like he is at a dash while he was excited in order to reach program his tiny enthusiast .

    Zhao Yanzi didn’t recognize how to convey this, but she felt the warmth profound in their cardiovascular .

    “Why are you here so latter . . . ” Zhao Yanzi pouted when she spotted Hao Ren smiling . But she suddenly captured the big mistake she built and said yet again, “Exactly why are you here once more!”

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    “Yeah . I’ve been a lttle bit busy currently . I’ll go whenever i have the opportunity . ” Hao Ren nodded .

    Dynevor Terrace; Or, The Clue of Life

    As a result of range growth in the East Sea Dragon Palace, standard cultivators couldn’t enter in whatsoever . Even so, the troops who were guarding the door the would open it up up every time they found Hao Ren .

    Harper’s Young People, January 27, 1880

    Zhao Yanzi didn’t recognize how to express this, but she felt the heat heavy in her own center .

    She was sentimental, but Hao Ren didn’t assume that considerably . He put the carrier behind him and acquired the textbook on the dinner table .

    Definitely, Granny adored Zhen Congming completely . She laughed happily when she learned that Hao Ren required Zhen Congming over to have a good time .

    “These are definitely all for you . . . ” Hao Ren hesitated for your following soon after she robbed the case from his arms .

    “Alright, I recognize . I’ll be out for a tiny bit!” Hao Ren quickly happened to run on the stairways .

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    She was sentimental, but Hao Ren didn’t think that way . He place the case behind him and found the textbook around the dinner table .

    Hao Ren was shocked . He didn’t think it was subsequently ideal to venture to Zhao Hongyu’s recording studio anymore resulting from what was developing between him along with the Eastern side Water Dragon Clan . But to his astonish, Zhao Hongyu didn’t imagination it at all . She was still planning on him to visit the studio room for his interns.h.i.+p .