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    After an interesting first semester at college, I came back home, only to find out that Artie had a girlfriend. I first saw it on facebook, but I txted him and he told me it was true and we couldn’t hang out anymore. I was obviously upset at first, but as much as I liked fucking him, I knew I would find another boy eventually, and I did. It wasn’t easy to lose Artie, but it happened.

    Anyway, every year the weekend after Christmas, my parents go to Vermont to stay with my aunt and uncle for the weekend. My parents trusted me to watch my brother completely. I was now 19, and he was 16, along with most of his friends. My mom told us we can each have a friend stay over, but I chose not to. My brother decided that his friend Ray would be staying with us, which really excited me.

    Ray was HOT, and I mean HOT for a 16 year old. He looked more mature than a typical 16 year old, and it really turned me on from my last two guys who were somewhat small for their age. Ray was about 5’11 tall with an athletic frame. Not extremely muscly, but toned with an obvious six pack. He had short dark brown hair and sexy green eyes. Ray also had really straight white teeth that melted your heart when he smiled. He had hairy legs and armpits, but completely a completely smooth chest and stomach. I got hard just thinking about his visit, even though I didn’t think I had a shot with him. He was also a quiet kid. I knew he smoked a lot of pot, but he was always quiet around me.

    College didn’t change me much. I was still 6 feet tall with an athletic frame and a very light chub. My dick was 7.5 inches hard, and at age 19 I had a little hair on my chest and belly, but overall smooth.

    My parents left on friday afternoon, and Ray arrived shortly after. He was so adorable in his nike hoodie, black sweatpants and jordans. He greeted me with a short dap and my brother came and took him from me. They hung out all day while I just hung around or tagged along. When night came, they came to me saying they wanted to smoke if I wanted to join. I knew they were probably using me just so I could get them pot, but I said yes. I went alone to pick up a dub and dutch and came back quickly to roll us a blunt. It was about 11 o’clock when we went outside to smoke.

    My little brother wasn’t a big smoker, so I knew he would pass out soon after we smoked. When we finished the blunt, Ray wanted to play against my brother in NBA 2k11 on X-Box. My brother lost, and I called winner. He admitted that he couldn’t stay up any longer and was going to make a snack and go to bed, leaving me and Ray to play in the basement. I knew that this was going to be my opportunity to make a move with him.

    Ray high was a lot more fun than usual. He cracked jokes and talked smack about the game. It was a great night, and he was up by 6 aat the half. During half time he shocked me.

    “Want to make this game a little more interesting?” he asked me with a mischevious smile

    “You mean like a bet? Sure How much?” I responded.

    “I was thinking even more interesting. If I win, you suck my dick. If you win, I’ll suck yours.” he said grabbing my thigh. I couldn’t believe what was hapening, but I didn’t want to question it.

    “Fine by me,” I smiled and licked my lips.

    We played the second half, and even though I made a rally, I ended up losing by 2 points. I shut the game, pretending to be a little upset, but I was excited to suck that beautiful boys dick. When the TV went off the room was essentially black except for a small light from the laundry room. Just as I was about to take off his pants he stops me, pulls me up and kisses me on the mouth. I kissed him back, and soon his tongue was trying to enter my mouth and I accepted it. We made out for a few minutes, until I broke the kiss.

    “Are you gay, Ray?” I asked.

    “I don’t know,” he said. “I heard about you and Artie, and I always had weird feelings for you and I figured I could at least try to make a move.”

    “Don’t talk so much, just lets kiss!.” I told him and pushed his face into mine.

    I was kinda pissed that Artie told, but I guess he was looking out for me by getting me a new boy toy. Ray and me continue to kiss, and I could tell he was nervous. I doubt he had much experience. He was hot enough to get any girl he wanted, but he was clearly in the closet and wanted to experiment with guys. My hand crept up his thigh and onto his clothed cock, which made him giggle a little. His hand reached over to my crotch and he started jerking me through my shorts and eventually put his hand up my shorts and started playing with my dick. I broke the kiss while still playing with his dick and told him “Don’t be nervous.”

    I left the couch and crept between his legs. I pulled off his sweats and boxers, which caused his cock to make a smacking sound against his abs. His cock was beautiful just like him. It was 7 inches long and pretty wide with a big pink mushroom head and full of luscious veins. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it like a pro. I licked it up and down, occasionally giving his balls a lick. Ray was moaning and his face was red and flustered. He lasted only about a minute or two before he exploded into my throat. He shot at least 8 ropes of cum into me and I took it all down.

    Right after he came, I knew he would be ready for more. I started licking his ass like there was no tomorrow. He kept letting out soft moans of pleasure, which made me want more. I got up and got vasaline from the basement bathroom and globbed some on my fingers. I started to slowly finger his very tight asshole with my finger and lick his balls. He was in complete heaven, and had his big boy ass thrusting back. One finger turned to two and eventually three. He pulled me up and kissed me again, tasting his own cum.

    He got on the floor, and made an attempt at sucking my cock. It wasn’t the best blowjob ever but he was learning.

    “Holy crap, I thought my dick was big,” he said when he first got next to my cock.

    Ray took lessons from me as he started licking it all over and finally tried to gulp it down. He gagged a few times but got the hang of it and started using his tongue. After a few minutes of sucking, I pulled him off and layed him down on the couch. I was laying over him, and I picked up his legs in a fucking formation as we made out. I rubbed my dick against his hole and pulled apart our kiss.

    “Let me fuck you, I’ll go slow.” I said

    “I’ve never done it before, is it gonna hurt?” he asked in a whisper with my dick still rubbing his ass.

    “Not really, you just took 3 of my fingers. I’ll lube my cock up good. Trust me.”

    “I trust you,” he said and kissed me again.

    I got the vasaline and rubbed a ton of it in his hole, and soaked my dick with it to avoid pain for him. After the intense fingering and all the lube I slid in. He let out a yelp of pain, but I told him it would be okay and it the pain would be gone soon. I thrusted slowly and steady a few times, and after a minute or two of slight yelps of pain, he was moaning in pleasure.

    “O god, o joeyy, yess, I need your dickk,” he said in between deep breaths and moans.

    “You love my cock you sexy boy,”

    “Uhh huhhh,” he whimpered.

    We were so in the moment we didn’t even concern ourselves about possibly waking my brother. xnnx Soon I was pounding him on my couch while his socked feet were on my shoulders and I held onto his ankles. He came all over his stomach and chest, even reaching his hair and cheek. Shortly after with loud moans, I came and filled his ass with my hot seed. We continued to make out as I slid out of him.

    “That was great,” he said to me with his cute smile.

    “I know, I can’t wait to do it again.” I laughed as I stuck my tongue out and licked his.

    Soon after we got up, and saw that my leather couch was soaked with sweat, lube, and cum. We laughed and then cleaned it up. When everything was all clean, I brought him to the couch in my living room upstairs where he was sleeping for the weekend, gave him a kiss and I went to my room.

    When I got to my room, I was greeted by my brother who was in our dark room except for the light glow of the TV. He picks his head up with a sly smile on his face.

    “Have fun down there?” he said.