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    Supernacularnovel – Chapter 376 – Emmelyn’s Letter second-hand therapeutic reading-p3

    Novel – The Cursed Prince – The Cursed Prince

    Chapter 376 – Emmelyn’s Letter poised rely

    He presumed Ellena was proceeding there in order to reach Duke Preston who was responsible for the royal affairs instead of Lord Ackton. Very good. If he could meet up with Duke Preston as well as Ellena, he could quickly organize everything these days.

    I have got no goal of burdening myself using a kid. I have carried out my mission and after this I will need to go. I have to get started over living and forget about the recent.


    Mars would still require a son. At the least, if he didn’t prefer to, the leading minister, the rest of the ministers, and lordships would requirement him to possess a guy heir.

    Ellena couldn’t believe that her luck when she was aware the child was created lady. This can make her prepare go easily.

    So, he will have to marry yet again to get a masculine heir. Ellena would be there for him, as he wanted her.

    That’s why I chose to destroy Princess Elara. Now, Jared Strongmoor will fully grasp damage… and ache. He will last but not least know very well what I actually have been sensation, precisely what the Bellevars are already emotion, once we drop the folks we like dearly.

    “John, where did Ellena go? Do you see her?” Mars requested impatiently. The butler nodded and pointed within a track.

    Now, I am going to consider us even.

    Now, I am going to take into consideration us even.

    The Old Pincushion


    I am sorry if you are damage during this process. Having said that, you happen to be not harmless too in this particular entire condition. In my opinion, you are worthy of what the heck is approaching for yourself.


    Ellena was aware all that was happening in the noble palace and around it due to the spies her father planted inside the funds. He acquired his men in every spot to make certain he could hold power without having important opposition.

    I am just sorry should you be injure in the process. Even so, that you are not innocent too on this overall circumstance. I think, you deserve what the heck is approaching in your case.

    “John, in which managed Ellena go? Would you see her?” Mars required impatiently. The butler nodded and aimed in a direction.

    high treason cast

    She wondered what took Mars and Gewen so long. Didn’t John say they still left at 7 am? Which was really ahead of time, wasn’t it?

    Mars only grunted his answer and dashed toward the emerald tower. It had been the prime minister’s office.

    Mars gripped the note so desperately that they almost tore it. Each individual phrase stabbed his heart mercilessly and this man couldn’t feel what he was looking at.

    “Ellena!!” He roared as he slammed the doorway behind him and walked briskly to consider Ellena. His face was reddish with anger, the fact that servants all stepped back in worry once they observed him.

    It was actually perfect.


    I pretended to adore you back and forgive your family’s sins toward my children, while using exclusive intent behind receiving even closer to you and the mother.

    So, he would need to get married to all over again to obtain a males heir. Ellena would be there for him, when he needed her.

    I pretended to adore you back and forgive your family’s sins toward my children, using the lone function of obtaining closer to both you and your mother.

    Mars gripped the letter and put it in the scroll. He required to run after Ellena and interrogate her to find out how Ellena can get her on the job the note.

    Might be he misread the content.

    So, it had been challenging not to look at this one. At last, Mars relented and opened up the letter.