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    John reflects on first, an evening with Mark and Samantha, then himself. Bianca is unaware of some under-the-table work her daughter is doing at the office.

    A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 6)

    Chapter 1

    John woke up, stirred a little, and, as the world came into focus, tried to remember where he was. Different bedroom, different bed, and………..he remembered.

    * * * *

    The night before, he had pulled up to the Hendricks’ house. He had spent the better part of the day trying to cover up their financial indiscretions, and had done well. But he was tired, and starting to realize how much work it would take, and doing it, more or less, for free, wasn’t making him feel good.

    He rang the doorbell and waited. I’m definitely going to unload a little steam on these two he thought to himself. When Samantha opened the door, she was surprised to see him. She wasn’t as surprised when he just walked in, pushing by her. Mark was in the living room, and, surprised to see his blackmailer there as well, got up from his chair.

    “No Mark,” John said, “sit back down.”

    Within a few minutes, John was sitting on the couch, enjoying Sam’s tits, and Mark was sitting in his chair watching, offering up a slight protest now and then, knowing it was futile. After another few minutes, the helpless husband was ordered to go get John and Sam some drinks, which he did. While he was putting them together in the kitchen, he could hear John making advances on his wife.

    “Look at that…” John said, while he took off the woman’s clothes, she was struggling a little. “Your husband is getting us some drinks….”

    “I know, what else is he going, uh, to do?…..you have us pretty good, I mean…” Sam responded, annoyed by her husband’s lack of will, and angered by their accountant’s unwanted hand forcing its way between her legs.

    “You have such a fantastic body. And you’re so horny! Man, I love when you get wet so quickly…” John muttered, loud enough for Mark to hear.

    “John! I can’t….eh…..help it! My body does what it does and…….uh…..it doesn’t mean…..”

    Mark walked back in. John had his drink. Samantha was made to have hers. And before Mark could have his, John demanded it be given to Samantha instead. He wanted Samantha tipsy, and he wanted Mark sober.

    After another few minutes, Samantha was half-naked with John on top of her, his cock out, and she was stroking it, while he sucked on her tits. Mark was making more drinks. When he brought them out, Samantha was sucking John’s cock, while John was standing, facing the couch. He rested his arms on the top of the back, and as Mark was walking towards him, he reached out and took one of the drinks. “Thanks Mark, let’s get her liquored up…… maybe that’ll loosen her up a little in bed huh?”

    Mark just sat down, putting the other drink on the coffee table. John decided Samantha should have both, which she did. Before long, she was on top of him, and he was squeezing her tits while he kissed around her neck. Mark watched as Samantha reached down, lined up John’s cock with her pussy, and slowly lowered herself down onto it.

    Mark looked at his wife. He could just see the side of her face, but he saw her eyes close as the tip of John’s cock pushed into her. Then her mouth opened into an “o” as the first few inches sunk in. The cuckolded husband felt his dick twitch a little, as her mouth closed and turned into a slight smile in response to John’s hands squeezing her ass, and his mouth latching onto one of her nipples. She grimaced as he pushed the last few inches of his cock into her stretched pussy, but the look was replaced by one of a pleasured relief as the pain from his large member stretching her subsided.

    Mark’s dick was hard in his pants. He watched his wife raise up off of John’s cock slowly, then slide back down, a little faster. Then she climbed back up, only to sink onto it again. John was squeezing the hell out of her ass. First one cheek, then the other, then both together…….he seemed to be trying to get as much of her ass into his hands as he could, and she was clearly enjoying the attempt. Her forced lover pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her anus, and her head fell back slightly as she felt the cold air on her asshole, his warm tongue circling her nipple, and his hard cock plunging deep into her pussy. John let go of Samantha’s ass with one hand, then smacked it hard.

    *SMACK…..Her eyes opened wide from the strike, and she looked down at John. Her ass jiggled nicely from the sharp contact. He raised his hand, and brought it down on her ass again…. *SMACK,then as he spanked her, he grabbed the abused ass cheek firmly and gave it a quick shake. Her eyes rolled back a little and then closed. This man is taking complete possession of me. There was something very controlling about that smack combined with the firm grip. She felt that she belonged to the man fucking her somehow. Why am I feeling this? It must be the alcohol she thought, her mind in a fuzz.

    Mark’s dick was leaking pre-cum, and he was trying to hide his hard-on. I can’t let them see this. Why the hell am I getting so turned on. He felt sick to his stomach, but he felt undeniably aroused. It was a very strange emotional situation.

    “Alright, you’ve had enough fun riding me Sam. Time to get to fucking” John said. He picked Sam up while she was still on his cock. I love how small she is John thought to himself as he felt her sink onto his cock as he lifted her. She groaned.

    He’s so strong……god Mark could never do this…..

    “Hey Sam, where’s your bedroom at?” he asked her. Breathlessly, she pointed down the hall and let her head fall back when John rewarded her by kissing her on the neck. “Mark, go open the door.”

    “John, please, use the guest bedroom, not our own….” Mark asked, not even knowing why he asked.

    “Fuck you Mark, I’m going to kick your ass sometime, just open the door!” John exclaimed, then looked back at Sam and shook his head with a condescending smile. “Really. How do you do it with this guy? And………oh for crying out loud, he’s got a boner.” John laughed heartily at the sight of the small tent in Mark’s pants, stained slightly by precum.

    “Oh you’re a pig Mark” Samantha said. She was much more annoyed by her husband’s arousal than her own. And his small erection looked so tiny compared to the large cock that was residing in her pussy at the moment.

    Mark sadly opened the door for them, and when they went in, he started to shut the door, planning on going into the living room.

    “Don’t even think about it Mark. I might need something. Go sit at the chair in the corner and watch me fuck her brains out” John commanded. Mark obediently went to sit in the corner.

    Laying her down on the bed, John commenced fucking her brains out. He held her down by the shoulders, and heartily thrust himself into her, enjoying the feeling of her loosened pussy, just able to accommodate him. Watching her tits bouncing around was a pleasant view, and hearing her soft cries as he plowed into her was empowering.

    “Oh god, oh god John……..ohhhhh………fuck……………..fuck you, you………oohhhhhhhhhh” Samantha let out. John looked back at Mark while he was screwing Sam, and he saw him intently watching the action, his hand in his pants, jerking himself.

    “Wow” John laughed, “check it out.”

    Mark struggled to get his hand out of his pants, but his wife saw him pleasuring himself too. “Mark……oh……how?…….How can you…..ooh…….get off……watching your w……….uhhhh…….your wife get………ooh…….fucked?” She looked pissed, but was kind of drunk, and getting slammed by a hard cock.

    “Mark, pull your dick out man” John said, he had an idea.

    Mark, not knowing the deal, but not in any position to argue, pulled it out. It was just 4 inches long, and thin.

    John pulled out of Samantha, then flipped her over on her stomach, and moved around so she could suck him, which she did. “Go ahead and stick that thing in your wife man.”

    Mark, somewhat confused, proceeded to stand up behind Samantha and stick his penis in her. She was loosened up by John’s massive cock, and her pussy swallowed up his dick easily.

    She immediately felt the difference between the two. Instantly, and without reflection, she found herself wanting John’s cock back in her. Damn I can barely feel him…John’s cock is so big I can hardly give him a decent blowjob. Mark’s sweet, but he can’t fuck me crazy like…….

    “Alright, she needs a real cock, doesn’t she Mark? You know why I’m doing this now, right?”

    Mark, annoyed by walking into the insult, slid his cock out and went back to his seat. John re-assumed his rightful place, behind Samantha, fucking her brains out. The power trip went from his head to his balls, and in no time his sperm was ready to fly. John grabbed Sam’s hair and pulled her back. He leaned forward and whispered, “I’m going to fill you up with cum Sam, and you’re going to love it….but you have to ask….” as he thrust in and pulled out of her.

    Samantha was silent, not wanting him to cum inside her. John moved one hand around her waist and started diddling her clitoris while he fucked her. It felt fantastic, and her body started climbing towards its climax as she grinded her ass against his thrusting cock, and reached down to press his hand into her clit.

    “Come on, you want my cum, don’t you Sam?” John whispered

    “OOOHHHHhhhhhh Noooooooo not…..not…OOOOHHHHHHHHhhhhh” Sam replied.

    John lifted his hand off of her clit, and her hand frantically tried to push it down again, but he fought it. “You want it or not?” John said, smiling back at Mark, who was trying to hide his erection.

    “GOD….OHhhh….fuck me……….fuck me………” Samantha cried out, unable to hold back.

    “Not good enough…..where you want me to shoot?” John queried, keeping his hand off her clit.

    “Ohhhhhh…..fill me up. Come on….uh……fill my pussy up with…your cum……oh god…..” she moaned, looking back at him, lust in her eyes.

    “You got it.” John said, triumphant. He mashed his hand up into her clit again, and sped up the pace of his thrusting.

    “Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh……” Jamie gasped. It felt like her brain was being slammed by the pleasure. In moments, her orgasm washed over her. “AIIIIIIEEEE OOOHHHHH GODDD!” she screamed.

    Mark quivered, and began shooting his load, which had neither the force nor amount of John’s typical amount.

    John slammed his cock into Samantha and, with a cry, started shooting his cum into her. Shot after shot pumped into her pussy.

    “Oohhhhhhh” Sam moaned, feeling his hot sperm coating her insides. More cum followed, and she felt it filling her up. “aaghhhhh, soooo good……” she practically whispered….another orgasm hitting her. She tensed up, and John grabbed her hips tight, which she loved, and tried to grind himself deeper, releasing more of his seed into her. “ahhhhhh………oooohhh” she let out, in a higher pitch, feeling the warmth and the quantity of what he had discharged. John gently squeezed her hips, and moved his hands down to her ass, grabbing it, and pressing his thumbs deep into the soft skin. His cock emptied the last couple shots of sperm out of his balls, but he held it, pressed into her. Samantha had a small orgasm, feeling his hands and cock enjoying her body. The sensation of his cum packed into her made her feel like she belonged to the long hard object lodged in her pussy. She felt the hands that were groping her rear were her owner’s. She relaxed from the tension of orgasm, and with a contented sigh, pushed her ass back and up a little, to encourage more groping and touching, which John obliged her with.

    Mark watched as the young man in front of him took possession of his wife. What the hell…….why the hell am I so turned on…… The orgasm he had experienced himself took its toll on him, being an older man, and he lay his head back and drifted into a sleep, the last thing he saw was John pulling out of Sam, and cum spilling out of her pussy. Both John and Sam lay down in the bed, with the abused wife curling up next to the man who had just mated with her: they fell asleep with John’s arm around her, and her hand lazily stroking his cock.

    * * * *

    Chapter 2

    John looked at the woman next to him, and realized, she’s hot, and that was a good lay, but I don’t like her at all. She wasn’t the brightest girl he’d ever met. She wasn’t particularly interesting either, in what small conversation they’d had. Feeling her next to him, with her pathetic husband asleep in the chair nearby, he found his thoughts drifting to Jamie and Bianca. Jamie in particular.

    In fact, the whole, fucking her with her husband watching and jerking off, after the lust and general horny atmosphere died off, seemed kind of…….gay, in a weird way. One time he had seen a bestiality video on the internet. He had watched the whole thing. He was kind of grossed out, kind of curious, and after he had finished, felt he had to watch a regular porno to, kind of, cleanse himself. John laughed at the memory. Watching a porno to feel cleaner. He just felt weird and kind of disgusted with himself after that horse video.

    The same feeling haunted him now. He wanted out.

    Samantha didn’t wake up, she was fully exhausted from the fucking and alcohol she had received. Mark didn’t wake up, he was old. John was out the door and gone before either of them opened their eyes.

    As he was driving away, John thought about the overall weirdness of the situation, his own rough, violent tendencies that had come out. Contemplating helping the couple, before he met the hot wife, seemed a life time ago. That’s going to be awkward when they wake up, John thought. I don’t want any part of that conversation.

    He went home, showered, dressed, and went to the office.

    Chapter 3

    Jamie missed John a lot. She was closing in on her 18th birthday, and felt she was entitled to skip a day of school. Slipping off of the school grounds between her first and second class, she decided to swing by her mom’s work. She knew her mom generally went out to a cafe to pick up a salad for lunch, at about 12. Maybe she’d try to see if John was in while she was gone. She felt extremely adventurous, leaving school and going to her mom’s work. It was very bold of her.

    * * * * *

    Bianca had noticed a difference with John. He had pulled her into the office a few times the past week, but he seemed to be distracted when he played with her boobs. His mind seemed to be elsewhere when she sucked his cock. It wasn’t quite the intensity she was used to, when he went down on her. Her intuition that many women have when their man is cheating on them, was kicking in, which was weird. Is he seeing somebody else? She thought to herself, as she looked at the closed door to his office.

    Lunch time. “I’m going to lunch John,” Bianca said to John’s door, from which an assenting comment returned, and she left for her hour lunch. John sat in his office. He wasn’t that hungry. Maybe he’d take care of a couple things and….

    Jamie walked in. “Whoah!” John said, surprised, and a little unnerved. “Wha….what are you doing here?” he stammered, in a friendly but very surprised tone.

    “Well, just thought I’d swing by,” Jamie said with a smile, walking over to the desk. She was wearing the tight torn up jeans and a red tank top. She had brought a little sandwich and some chips with a drink that she had made at home and taken with her to school, for the sole purpose of giving to John. “Thought you might like some lunch!”

    John didn’t really know what to say. “Heeey, well, that’s really nice of you. Um, not too sure what your mom will think of you not being in school actually…..” he nervously chuckled. If Bianca sees her daughter with me she’ll flip. There’s no telling what she’ll do. No blackmail in the world could….

    “Ah its fine. She told me where she likes to go for lunch. She’ll be gone the whole hour. Here, eat something.” Jamie said, confidently.

    John ate the food with her. It was a pretty good sandwich actually. They ended up talking for a while, and enjoying each other’s company. Both felt sneaky with the mom out of the office. John didn’t want Bianca to know about him and Jamie, and Jamie didn’t want her to know the same, along with the skipping school element.

    This is a nice girl, John thought to himself. At first he had been somewhat put off by all the…well…teenage aspects of her. But she was actually pretty thoughtful about some stuff, and he was interested during their conversation.

    Chapter 4

    Jamie got an idea. It was one thing to skip school and hang out at her mom’s boss’ office, but what if she….. Her hand touched John’s chest lightly during the conversation, and then took a light hold of his tie, and followed it down his chest towards his belt. She looked him straight in the eyes, a mischievous smile on her face. John pushed back his chair a little. He was concerned with where this was going. They had been hanging out for half an hour. There wasn’t time.

    “Listen, Jamie, I’m not sure what you’re thinking,” he said with upturned eyebrows, “but your mom is due back soon and…..” he was silenced by a finger to his lips. The hand on his tie grabbed it firmly (she had seen this on tv shows) and used it to pull him towards her. Their lips met, and thoughts of Bianca totally left both of their minds.

    They started making out. His tie was loosened, a loop from the tank top was off her shoulder. Their tongues were engaged and their hands were busy. Her hands felt his arms and moved towards his legs. His hands were feeling up her ass, and touching her skin through the tears in the jeans. These are actually pretty handy, he thought, as he ran some fingers over her bare butt through the holes in the pants.

    Soon he worked her tank top and bra down over her breasts, and took her by the hips, pulling her onto his lap, so he could kiss and lick her exposed nipples. She had one hand on his chest, and one hand feeling up his raging hard-on.

    John was in the midst of sucking on one of the pert nipples when they heard the door to the front office open. John looked up. How could it have been an hour already? Why the hell is she back early??

    Jamie dropped to her knees and, as Bianca tapped on the door to John’s office, the teenager moved back into the the area for John’s legs under the desk, and John rolled forward, a leg on either side of his young lover.

    “Uh…..come in….” John said, somewhat hesitantly.

    Bianca poked her head in, half-expecting a woman to be with John. Nobody was there. His tie was loose though. “Um, hey John, just had a question about your…um….schedule. Are you going to be in the office, well, ……. hey, are you okay?”

    John had a somewhat panicked look on his face, his eyes turned downwards. From under the desk, two hands were quietly undoing his belt and zipper. “No!! I, mean…..,” looking back up at Bianca, “yes, I’m perfectly okay…….just…..um……” His cock was being pulled out from the fly in his boxers, and the troublesome hands were stroking it slowly, and running a thumb over the tip. “I’m….just….a little indisposed, kind of……” Bianca looked at him with an odd look on her face.

    “Well, would you like some water maybe?” She queried. He really didn’t look well. He had seemed fine earlier.

    “No, I think I’ll be okay, I jus…whooaahhh…..” his eyes betrayed distinct discomfort, as his cock was slowly swallowed by the teenage girl under the desk. Jamie was trying to be as quiet as she could, which was difficult given the size of John’s cock, and how blowjobs were normally noisy with that thing in her mouth, and her attempts at holding back giggles as well. It was such a turn on to give her mom’s boss a blowjob while she was in the room. Jamie ran her tongue around the head of John’s cock. “I just don’t know what came over….me….um….” John said distractedly.

    “Um. Okay. Well, I hope you’ll be okay. Let me know if you need anything” Bianca told him. Not sure what was wrong. Doesn’t look like a…..fev…. “hold up, let me feel your forehead,” she said, her motherly instincts taking over. She walked over to the desk quickly and leaned over it, putting her hand on John’s forehead. He rolled as far forward as he could, trying to minimize the chances of her seeing the condition of his pants. Inadvertently, her leaning down, and him moving forward, put his face right in front of her cleavage. She was wearing a tight, low cut brown sweater, and John couldn’t help himself. Right as his cock disappeared completely down the daughter’s throat, his hands went up to the mother’s bosoms, and gave them a good squeeze. Bianca’s hand was on his forehead.

    “OH! Well. You’re definitely all heated-up” she said, in that motherly way that turned John on so much. His cock stiffened up even more. Jamie noticed. Right when I think its as hard as it can get, it just gets harder. Weird. She pulled it out of her mouth quietly and moved her tongue up and down the sides.

    John was gently pressing and rolling Bianca’s boobs. She put her hands down on the desk, and allowed him to have his way. He needed to give some cover in case Jamie was listening. “So, ahem,” he cleared his throat, “You were saying about my scheduling?” His hands loosely ran over Bianca’s breasts, feeling their shape and size. She breathed deeply.

    “Well….you don’t have any appointments today, and you don’t have any large projects due till next week, so….uh” she paused while his fingers found her nipples through her top and bra, and gripped them softly. “…I was wondering if I should schedule any appointments for Friday, or do you want to take a three-day? I know its been a… AH!” she exclaimed, as he pinched her nipples, not being able to help himself “..a while since you had one…ooh”

    “Yeah, I’ll take the three-day,” he said. Jamie paused for a moment, than began sucking hard. Very hard. Like she was trying to suck a strawberry through a straw. bigtitswife.vip John grabbed Bianca’s boobs instinctively. “OH! JOHN!” the secretary exclaimed.

    “Um…I mean…What?! You just said I haven’t taken a three day in a while!” John attempted to cover up the situation. He had that fun-loving grin again. Bianca frowned at him while she moved her hands up to gently massage her sensitive and probably bruised bosoms.

    “Okay whatever” she said, clearly annoyed by the rough grab and his overall weird behavior.

    “Hey,” John added, shifting in his seat, feeling his balls’ pressure starting to build, “Why don’t you take the afternoon off Bianca? You deserve it.”

    “Okay,” Bianca said, “thanks.” I’ll take the half day off. I guess its worth getting my boobs manhandled for no good reason by this guy. Guess that’s why they call it “manhandled.” sheesh. Guys.

    She walked out the door and got her purse and coat. “See you later John, thanks again!” the secretary called out, as she left the building, bruised tits and all.

    “Okay, see you laaaaattteerrr……” John let out, his words being elongated by the orgasm that hit him hard. He gripped the desk tight, arched his back, and began releasing sperm into the young teen’s mouth.

    “Mmmmmmmm” she groaned, happy to finally be able to express some of the sexual pleasure she was deriving from giving her man a blowjob. Noisily she started gulping down the cum that John was depositing into her mouth. *slup, slup, slup… “ummm” gulp, gulp….slurppp…..

    Jamie’s hands were gripping the young man’s thighs, as she concentrated on taking everything he had to give her. Finally the cumming ceased, John rolled back, and Jamie emerged from beneath the desk, stretching her back and smiling. John and her looked at each other as she sat back against the desk, her tank top down over her boobs, his cock laying in his lap, spent. They just started laughing.

    He got up, and with his penis and her breasts hanging out, led her over to the couch. They sat down and he kissed her open breasts, his hands moving down to her legs and ass. Eventually her clothes disappeared, and John knelt between her legs, licking at her wet pussy, which had been so for quite some time now.

    “God, it feels good to have you, a guy, licking down there. You’re so, like, manly about it” she mused, looking down at him, clearly getting at something.

    John raised his head up. “Um…that’s an odd thing to say. Have you been having other people go down on you?” He felt a flare of jealousy rise up. This pussy was his and Jamie’s to enjoy. Jamie was not stupid, but she wasn’t sure what to expect. She wanted to talk to him about Danielle, but she was afraid he might get pissed.

    “Well, this is really weird, but like, my teacher…ohhhh geez this is weird” she let out with a big breath, raising her hands up to cover her face. John immediately got up from his knees and sat down with her, putting his arm around her, using the other hand to gently take her chin. “What’s happened?” he said kindly, but firmly.

    Jamie looked at him. He had intelligent eyes, and they were more intent on her than they’d ever been. There was no haze of lust over them. He was thinking clearly and listening to her with complete attention. He was very handsome. She took another deep breath and said, “Well, I have this teacher, and well, she teaches history, and….”

    * * * * *

    John kissed Jamie goodbye, and she left. He had gotten every detail that Jamie could remember out of her. She was uncomfortable with a lot, but he got it out of her. He felt that hearing about a female teacher molesting a female student would have turned him on if that student wasn’t Jamie. His Jamie. He had gotten the address from the girl, who had pleaded with him not to confront her teacher. He told her to trust him and go home, to which she reluctantly agreed.

    Time to deal with this bitch John thought to himself, as he walked out the door.