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    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2355 – The Final God of War Golden List Publication! plausible system

    From that time finding Ye Yuan’s combat, both of those started a ridiculous hunting mode.

    After they had been mocking Ye Yuan for comprehending time regulation, after they ended up pondering that Ye Yuan resorted to trickery, when they were actually mocking Ye Yuan for overestimating their own skill Paradise was viewing them and chuckling!

    Wan Zhen shook his go and laughed in spite of him self and stated, “What’s More radiant Brother Ye expressing? I won’t enquire about your G.o.d of battle points sometimes. Let’s wait the production in the G.o.d of Combat Great Record with each other then!”

    Everyone was stunned, out of the blue plunging into silence.

    Judging from Ye Yuan’s condition in previous decades, it was actually unattainable for him to surpa.s.s 500 thousand.

    Through these few years, both ones similarly designed terrific growth.

    Very soon, the web pages uncovered the idea on the iceberg.

    “Wan Zhen, we actually feel way too unjust for yourself! There is a punk who resorted to trickery, and then he could actually gain 400 to 500 thousand G.o.d of conflict issues in one calendar year, forcefully climbing to 2nd put from regarding!”

    Not really that Ye Yuan was overestimating his own skill, he really possessed the ability to comprehend time legislation!

    A nuke appeared to have detonated in the sq. All people erupted.

    But Wan Zhen shook his mind and claimed, “When Ye Yuan was fighting in the Myriad Monster Combat Plain, Zhang Lian and that i observed it with our personal eye! He previously comprehended time rules. Regulations of time and s.p.a.ce getting unleashed together, along with Sword Dao supply and Growth Dao resource, his power is definitely not beneath my own! Also, the strength of his sword creation can deal with plenty and a large number of tough beasts as well. The productivity of acquiring G.o.d of war things is significantly more robust than us! Despite the fact that 400 to 500 thousand annually is a little overstated, he absolutely didn’t resort to trickery.”


    There was clearly immediately a burst open of exclamation from the rectangular.

    But, if they were actually existences that even heaven was envious of, then what … was Ye Yuan?

    “You folks are discussing Ye Yuan, proper? He didn’t use trickery! Ends up that he’s actually in 2nd put? Really frightening!” Wan Zhen also looked towards Ye Yuan in amaze again while he claimed.

    Wan Zhen’s gaze adjusted into the existing very fast and spotted the Ye Yuan on the masses.

    Wan Zhen actually personally defended Ye Yuan!

    To begin with, Ye Yuan really comprehended time law!

    After they were definitely mocking Ye Yuan for comprehending time law, every time they were definitely pondering that Ye Yuan resorted to trickery, if they were definitely mocking Ye Yuan for overestimating his very own power Heaven was viewing them and laughing!

    Time law was known as top regulations on the globe!

    Time regulation was referred to as the number 1 law worldwide!


    i work as a healer in another world’s labyrinth city (in)

    Although it was unattainable to always be like Ye Yuan, they frequently pressed themselves to their own limitations, narrowly escaping death a couple of times.

    “First put is 1st position. His energy without a doubt isn’t simply for clearly show, to really have the capacity to get hold of 190 1000 G.o.d of battle details annually!”

    Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That day, I sensed the both of you fellow daoists. But during that time, it turned out trapped in a heavy encirclement and was as well active to mention h.e.l.lo. Hopefully Other Daoist doesn’t blame.”

    However in a blink, these folks were transported lower back.

    Everyone was amazed, instantly plunging into silence.

    A decade!

    Wan Zhen actually personally defended Ye Yuan!

    He was just intending to talk about to meet as he was enclosed by a large group.

    … …

    “Wan Zhen, the number of G.o.d of war points are there at the moment?” A powerhouse positioned 40 plus immediately shifted even closer to request.

    This guy failed to eat the completely wrong medication, proper?

    The over fifteen thousand people the sq . were actually shocked by both these people’s words and phrases until they had been staring dumbfoundedly.

    With commitment and without the need of determination, those were definitely two completely different says!

    Not really that Ye Yuan was overestimating his capacity, he really possessed the skill to fully grasp time regulation!