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    Did you know there are more than 4,000 natural crystals? The choices when it comes to buying crystals could be overwhelming. How do you determine what crystal is the right fit for you? What’s considered good quality? How can you tell that you’re getting a fair bargain?

    Today, my goal is to help answer the majority of these questions asked by those who are new to crystals. can discover where to buy crystals, the best way to select the finest crystals, and other buying tips.

    Where can I buy crystals?

    There is a wide selection of crystals at most spiritual or metaphysical stores. It’s a matter of Googling will do the trick to determine which shops are close to your home. You will notice the difference between buying online and in the store in. There are many possibilities to choose from, as well as experts who can assist you in making your decision. Whenever you really want to learn fruitful information on crystal, you must browse around Soulalign site.

    There are a variety of websites selling crystals. If you choose to purchase crystals online, be sure to check the caption of the picture or somewhere on their website where you can find a disclaimer that the crystal you would like to purchase is the same crystal that is featured in the photo.

    Certain crystal shops online offer a photo of what the crystal appears like, however, the crystal you purchase could differ in colors, patterns and the shape of the crystal. I enjoy supporting small-scale companies by purchasing crystals on Etsy.

    In the days of pre-COVID gemstone and crystal shows are popping up all over the world, and offer special prices for those who carry the seller’s permit in order to get wholesale pricing. Certain spiritual or metaphysical shops may honor a seller’s permit or offer discounts for those who wish to purchase large quantities. This has been a wonderful method to save money on Christmas presents, and not just through my permit as a seller.

    Shop with the intention of

    It’s great to have a goal or at the very least an idea of what you would like to use the crystal for, whether it is to help you develop your chakras, help with meditation, provide prosperity and good fortune, provide security and grounding, achieve an objective, relieve anxiety or stress, inspire to progress in a positive direction, focus and mental clarity, or perhaps you’re open to the crystal you’re attracted to the most is right for you at the moment in your life. Are you looking for a crystal that can assist you on all levels of your life- spiritually, emotionally as well as physically?

    Keep your goal to think about what size you would prefer to purchase. Do you plan to use it as a decoration piece or to attract positive energy? Is it small enough to be able to fit into your wallet or pocket for good luck? Maybe you would like one that is easy to fit into your palm to meditate?

    What is the best way to select the right crystal

    Whether you are buying in-person or on the internet Which crystals do prefer? Typically, the one you love the most is meant for you. Perhaps it’s the color that grabs you attention or how it sparkles when it is illuminated.

    If you’re looking to buy something in person but aren’t sure if the crystal is suitable for you, place it in your open (left hand) and close your eyes. There may be an energy shift. Also your body could sway forward or feel a tingling or vibration within your hand. It’s not an electrical shock. It’s just the vibrating of energy that flows from the crystal that is resonating your own vibration and aligning with it. Pay attention to your energy and mood when you hold the crystal.

    Crystal types

    There are a variety of crystals you can discover when you are looking to buy crystals for the very first time. They could be natural, polished, raw or dyed. Crystals are also available in different sizes and shapes. From my professional and personal experiences, I have found that polished and raw crystals are equally effective in healing, however, I strive to locate crystals that are as near to their natural state as is possible.