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    Larain stepped out of the shower completly clean walking naked to the garage. Knowing her cloths would be their when she got their. Walking through the kitchen, she heard the the chef chopping frantically on the butcher block. She looked up stopping momentarilyand saw he was looking at her with an exspression she couldn’t place. She wanted to test it, but after her little exploration with aaron this morning she wasn’t sure she would have the chance. She needed to get dressed and to Sears befor 12 and then back befor 330.

    She walked into the garadge with a determained pace. Aaron had told her that she could buy whatever she needed, no limit, but it had to be approved by Mac. She walked into the garadge and put the towle on the table, the smooth mat under her feet a nice change from the cold marble in the kitchen.

    She put on the old blue jeans and button down shirt with tennisues that had been washed at her arrivle. Aaron had told her that he threw out her cloths that were not sutabule for a heirs mistress. She needed a new wardrobe. She tried to argue her way out of it. But Aaron pointed out she didn’t have anyother option unless she wanted to appear befor the men in only thigh highs. Larain blushed at this and quickly dressed.

    “Ready?”The question shook her out of her thoughts and she turned to see a well muscled Mac leaning up aganst the car in a black t-shirt and kakie pants. He looked handsome leaning against the car. But Aaron far out did him. She chuckled at the thought, and pulled on the last of her outfit, a fiber woven belt.

    “Yes,” She bushed seeing Mac as she answered his question. She remembered this morning. The way Curtis had handled her so roughly and couldn’t help but get wet at the thought of what he did. Mac saw the blush and laughed to himself as they got into the car to go shopping.

    She got in and buckled her belt. The car was smaller but nice. It was a mercadies, but she couldn’t tell you what kind. Though she was proud to be able to tell at least tell that much. Leaning forward when Mac started the car she turned on the radio and beoncey’s “Irriplaceabul” blarred through the speakers. Mac’s cheecks truned a bright red and he leaned forward fumbling over the radio to change the tape, only to turn to “If You Liked it You Shoulda’ Put A Ring on it”. cuckoldwife He grummbled something uncomprehinsabul. Finally he turned the CD player to FM country.

    Larain laughed at the reaction Mac had to the music. He glared at Larain and she stopped biteing her lip to keep the laugh inside. She still shook and this caused Mac to roll his eyes and a smile spread across his face as he watched her.

    “Mmhm. Go ahead luv. Laugh all ya wants to, but keeps in mind I be the one that picks ya outfits out” Larain’s face went serious and shocked and it was Mac’s turn to smile and laugh. After a few moment’s of laughing Larain turned and joined in with him. She loved smileing and laughing. Mac seemed to be especially contagiouse to her. They rode to the mall talking happily of things. The pleasure she was reciveing and the person Aaron was. It made her happy to see one so light harted and she couldn’t help but be drawn to him. As though he were an old friend visiting after a long absence from each other.

    They parked in the garadge mannageing to get a close spot to the door. Larain was happy with this. It would mean a short walk after they were done shopping. Walking though the doors they laughed and talked as Mac steered her toward the dress section and choose several different dresses for her, several sutes, heels of verieouse heel sizes and shapes, scarves and coats, then he started to lead to the undergarment section and stopped at the edge of the section, looking carefully.

    “I think it would wise to go to victioria secret and have one of their ladies fit you.” He turned to her and smiled sweetly. The look made her knees want to buckle with lust. Then something made her knees harden back to stone. Roberts Voice.

    “Larain?!” The voice made her terrified, angery ,and comfused all at the same time. She worled to see him standing with a power drill in his hand heading toward the auto part of the store. He looked frozen in his tracks as though he were stuck with superglue holding his feet to the floor. “What in gods name are YOU doing here?!” He seemed very upset and outraged. As though their is no way she could possably be here. “I’m not PAYING for ANY of this shit!” She followed his eyes to the cart full of cloths. She hadn’t realized they had put so much in the cart. They were drap over the sides in a mounds. Both sides absalutely full. Robert took a step forward and it was then that she was reminded Mac was their.

    “I suggest you find your way on..Sir. This has NOTHING to do with the likes of YOU!” Roberts face went from shocked by the interuption to extreamly pissed at his reaction to what he was saying. He took another step forward, and Mac pushed Larain behind him. His acsent went from understandabul to extreamly thick. “Look laddie, I’m sure you have ye reasuns. But unless ye want me to crawl yer ars like I’m a badger o’ da luse wiv a bad rash ye betta surry on lad.” She couldn’t see his face. But his voice was thick with hate. Something new she had not heard him use. Until now he had been such a light spirit. Now he was angry.

    “She’s my wife, I have EVERY…” He was cut off by Mac’s fist. A weezing sound escaped Roberts mouth as he doubled over from Mac’s punch. Mac put a hand around the side of Larains hip, pushing her behind and further away, backing up with her just as Sears Security Gards ran up and surounded the three of them, putting themselves between and around them, stopping the argument in it’s tracks. Mac put his hands up and suriders but Robert has no plan on doing so so easily. He struggled pushing and hit the gards trying to get through to Mac.

    The gards took this as a sign and tackled Robert to the floor. They were forced to tazer him in order to detain him so the cops could pick him up. This isn’t going to end well, Larain thought. She knew the cops would see him and wold go easy, but makeing a scene like this was uncoverabul. They would have to do something to him. In the mean time their would be questions. Some she didn’t feel like answering. She felt lightheaded with all the excitment. Mac turned around to see her sway just in time. The last thing she remembered was Mac’s worried face hovering over her.Then everything went black.

    She woke to Mac calling her name. Then the feel of the cold floor on her sholderblades and a jacket under her head. “How did I get on the floor Mac?” She was comfused and felt heavy. Mac looked at her strange and then it started to come back to her. The argument, the gards, shopping, the anger, Robert. Her hand went to her mouth and she turned red. “Oh my god! I passed out didn’t I?!” Mac’s face slipped from confused to sympathy. He nodded and she heard one of the Security Gards call for an anmbulance. Larain sat up a frantic look crossing her face. She waved her hands getting the Gards attintion “I’m fine!Really! NO Anmbulance. Please!The gard looked at her and shook his head befor telling the operator never mind. The woman said she wouldn’t use it.

    Helping her to her feet he looked around at the Security gards and pointed to one. “You. ” He said in an athoritarian voice, “Are you allowed to leave the store?” The gard looked aww struck at being asked the question. “Well?!” Mac asked with a little more force. The Gard stuttered to answer, and I could tell he wasn’t used to being treated like he was under someone elses command.

    “I have to ask my Mannager, but I’m sure it’s ok.” He looked seriousely and curiously at Mac. As though trying to see into his head. Mac nodded once now and turned to head toward the cashregister.

    “We’ll wait for you by cashregister number three.” He finished, turning and guideing Larain to the cash register. Pulling the buggy behind them. Once at the checkout Larain started to worry about the price. She thought Mac hadn’t noticed her worrieing until only a couple of peices were left. As she was scanning the last pair of pants Mac grabbed her shoulders and quickly turned her around placeing a hand around her belt loop at the back and held her still so that she couldn’t turn around.

    “Don’t say the price.” He told her sternly. Larain heard what she thought was the woman tapping the screen were the total price would appear. She hurd the sliding of a card a push of a few buttons and then the print of a recite. It was when she heard the rustling of bags, that he let go of her jeans. She turned to see about ten different bags shacked neatly from the side. Looking up she spotted the security gard from earlier headed toward them.

    ” I’m cleared to go with you” he said, “My name is Tom. I’ll be with you till you leave the mall this afternoon.”

    Mac handed him the bags and motioned him forward and as the gard walked forward Mac looped his arm through hers and walked a couple paces behind him. It looked silly, but oddly fit for the sercomstances. They walked through the mall ,finally reaching Victoria Secret and walking through the doors. Walking through the door Mac stopped her by the cashregister and turned to look at Larain.

    “Stay here.I’ll be right back Lassy. I’m gonna talk to da saleswoman for a we moment.” Staying were she was she watched him walk over to the sales reperisentitive and talk to her for a few moments. The womans face went from shocked to understanding. After a few moments she walked over and took her by the hand and walked Larain through the store.

    Stopping she asked,”What size are you my dear?”

    Larain told her “A size 10” and the woman continued to walk. She picked up several things. Takeing the time to hold each to her torso and looking from that to her face. She’d put some back and take some. Soon there was a nice collection of rainbow color garterbelts, silk and satin teady’s, different colored thigh highs, half and whole cup bra’s. There were so many things her head grew dizzy with the need to keep track with them all. The same thing happened when they checked out. Turning her around so she could not see the register. The gard that escorted them chuckled at the sceen and she stuck her tounge out at him. Only to have the expression returned with more laughing.

    They made one more stop at Macey’s and had the woman help them with makeup. Once done the gard helped them out to their car and put all their bags into the back of the car. She stayed in the car allowing her legs to rest from the long walk she had had while Mac talked to the bodygard. It was already 2:00. She needed to get home so she could put herself together for the party.

    It was then that Mac got in the car. He smiled at her and took a long deep breath. “Well that was absolutly pleasent. Wasn’t it Lass?” He smiled tieredly at her and ran a finger down her cheek. “I can see why he fancy’s ye Lass. But mine eyes hold for something that to me is a wee pit sweeter.” Then paying no more attintion to her turned and started the car, and started makeing their way home. Larain couldn’t understand what Mac was trying to excplain. She found herself confused and completely lost. But she had enjoyed herself thurouly today so she just sat back and enjoyed the ride home today.

    It was 2:15 by the time they pulled up into the house and Aaron and Curtise were waiting in the large garadge. When the motor was cut Curtis went around to the back of the ccar and started to unload bags. Mac got out as she did and befor helping Curtis at the back of the car he turned to Aaron and said, ” He was there today. I’ll let get this in the house and be waiting in the study for you at your own pace Sir.” With that he turned and walked into the house after grabbing two armfull of cloths.

    “Come here my pet.” Aaron told Larain as she walked forward. Aaron held his arms out waiting for her to come to him so he could hug her. She stepped forward into his embrace and wrapped her arms around him. He respond in kind. Kissing the top of her head. Pushing her back a way’s he took a pair of sissors he began to cut away her shirt and jeans till she was standing again befor him naked. She smiled at him and he picked her up and kissed her passionately. Pulling her forward he caressed her nipple of her large breast and speazed her ass. He loved her body. It was so ample it made him want to berricade the door to the bedroom and keep her to himself. But he knew that wasn’t possible.

    He pulled her off the table, knowing how his kiss affected her and pushed her to her knees. She was soaking wet already and he’d bearly touched her. He pushed her to her knees and pulled down his pants. She didn’t need any instruction, just to see his cock half limp and she dove in with enthusiasm. She wrapped her lips around his cock. Sucking with great effect. Aaron let his head fall back and moaned in pleasure. Laceing his hands through her hair he guides her. Showing her the speed that would please him most and she cant help but egarly slide into the grove that he has set for her. Sucking eagerly she cups the base of his balls, useing her tounge and sucking to pull the preasose gift from him.

    Soon he couldn’t hold back anymore and found himself shakeing. Pulling her forward he came hard and fast, not giving her enouhg time to prepair. She white hot ropes filled her mouth as she pulles out on the last stroke and she swollows, trying not to spill any but some dribbles out of her mouth down her chin befor she can swollow it all. Licking her lips she smiles up at him. She pulls the rest up with a finger and eagerly devowers it.

    “Let’s go inside love. It’s time to get ready for company.” And together they walked into the house and up to the beadrooms.