Yayasan Toyota – Astra (YTA)

Yayasan Toyota – Astra (YTA)
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Yayasan Toyota Astra (YTA) was founded in 1974 by PT Astra International Tbk and PT Toyota Astra Motor, has a vision and mission to participate in the intellectual life of the nation through a program of providing financial assistance and funding for educational activities, research and development of science and technology, assistance for educational aids and books, especially automotive technology. The focus of the YTA program is on programs to improve the quality of education for elementary to high school students as well as for teaching staff at state universities who conduct research as one of the requirements for obtaining a degree. Master or Doctoral. Yayasan Toyota Astra conducts several programs in the field of education. Regular scholarships for elementary, junior high, high school, and undergraduate students for gifted and outstanding students from low-income families.

Number of Beneficiaries: 3,271 people (2020) (accumulative to 2020: 112,639 people)

Achievements in 2020:

1. Scholarships for SD, SMP, SMA: 2,902 students

2. Polytechnic and undergraduate scholarships: 369 students

3. Scientific Activities: 1 event

4. Props Help:

• 9 units of Engine Assy 1TR to 9 schools

• 6 units of Transmission to 4 schools

5. Assistance for Automotive books: 682 pieces

6. DVD Manual Book: 6pcs

7. Vocational Teacher Training: 127 Teachers with training topics: Engine Mechanism Valve Intelligent, Gasoline Direct Injection and Application of 5R