Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA)

Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA)
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Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA) is a foundation founded by William Soeryadjaya in 1980 with the philosophy of “Give a Hook Not a Fish”. Throughout its 35-year journey, YDBA has fostered 8,646 MSMEs spread across Indonesia. For out-of-school youth, YDBA has trained 552 out-of-school youths to become mechanics. YDBA has also created 57,837 jobs through the MSMEs it facilitates.

To provide guidance in the regions, YDBA together with the Astra Group established a business development institution (LPB) which so far has 12 LPBs located in Mataram, Jakarta, West Kutai, Sidoarjo, Palembang, Central Kapuas, Tapin, Yogyakarta, Tegal, Paser, Pontianak and Muara Enim.

To assist MSMEs and local communities in gaining access to financing, YDBA established a Microfinance Institution (LKM) / Cooperative. To date, YDBA has established 10 MFIs/Cooperatives spread across Tabalong, South Kalimantan, Buntok, Central Kalimantan, Tamiang Layang, Central Kalimantan, Balangan, South Kalimantan, North Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Poloho Budong, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Tapin South Kalimantan, West Kutai, East Kalimantan, Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan and Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.

YDBA was established as Astra’s commitment to actively participate in building the nation, as mandated in the first point of Astra’s philosophy, Catur Dharma, namely Belonging to Benefit the Nation and the State.

YDBA runs Astra’s social responsibility programs with a focus on MSMEs which include MSME subcontractors related to Astra’s business value chain, manufacturing not related to Astra’s business, Honda partner workshops, Astra Honda Authorized Service Station (AHASS), four-wheel general workshops, two-wheel general workshops, craftsmen, and farmers.

YDBA facilitates MSMEs spread across Indonesia, whether included in Astra’s business value chain or not based on operating values, namely Compassionate, Adaptive, Responsible and Excellent (CARE). YDBA also provides training and assistance to MSMEs according to their needs, namely, to achieve independence.