Yayasan Astra Bina Ilmu (YABI)

Yayasan Astra Bina Ilmu (YABI)
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In 1995, PT Federal Motor, currently PT Astra Honda Motor, established the Yayasan Federal Bina Ilmu which oversees the Technical Academy to provide solutions to the need for a reliable and skilled workforce, especially in the motorcycle industry.
Along with business development, the Yayasan Federal Bina Ilmu changed to Yayasan Astra Bina Ilmu (YABI) and Akademi Teknik Federal became Politeknik Manufaktur Astra (Polman Astra). YABI through Polman Astra since 2009 has provided scholarships for outstanding students covering 35% of the total number of students recruited from all over Indonesia. In 2020, Yayasan Astra Bina Ilmu saw 171 Diploma 3 Graduates, 50 of which were Astra Scholarship recipients.